It is hard to find a business task that cannot be automated on Zoho platform


The companies requiring comprehensive automation processes and want a powerful cloud system
Those who want to configure a set of modules themselves, and pay only for those ones their business currently requires
Small+ and medium-sized businesses having already quite complex processes where simpler systems are hardly able to cope


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Need help in choosing the right solution?

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    What is Zoho CRM?

    Zoho – one of the world's most popular platforms for automating small and medium businesses. Zoho allows you to automate all key business processes: sales, marketing, service, finance, hr, internal and external communications. The platform is cloud-based, which means that you do not need to buy or rent your own servers and maintain them. You simply pay for a subscription and use Zoho apps on your computer or smartphone.

    1. Zoho CRM. This is a convenient cloud solution that allows you to fully automate the marketing and sales department.
    2. Zoho Creator. It is a platform on which low-code business applications are developed.
    3. Zoho Recruit. It is used to optimize the process of finding applicants and their subsequent hiring.
    4. Zoho People. Allows you to manage staff through one convenient and intuitive environment.
    5. Zoho Finance Plus. This is a practical, powerful, modern platform with which you can automate various financial transactions.
    6. Zoho Projects. A powerful cloud tool with which you can manage various projects, distribute tasks to employees and track the final or intermediate result.
    7. Zoho Connect. This module allows you to organize effective work on joint projects for your employees.
    8. Zoho Workplace. It is a set of modules for creating a full-fledged workspace. Your employees will be able to communicate with each other, store files in it, set tasks and complete them.
    9. Zoho Analytics. This module is used for data analysis and BI self-service. With it, you can create the necessary diagrams or other visualizations, which makes it easier to work with information.
    10. Zoho Flow. This is a modern platform that allows you to combine various web applications, link them together and automate workflows of varying complexity.

    What are the best uses for Zoho?

    Zoho is suitable for companies that have already passed the “startup” stage, have begun to scale and want to comprehensively automate their business processes. Zoho is also perfect for those types of businesses where the processes are complex and pipelined, since the capabilities of the platform allow you to very flexibly adapt applications to any need. Another goal that Zoho professionally closes is analytics. Thanks to the built-in designers in Zoho, you can build almost any reports and dashboards without the involvement of programmers.

    How is Zoho CRM different from the competition?

    Zoho's main competitive advantage is one of the best "functionality/cost" ratios on the market. Zoho is quick and easy to set up and integrate with any modern IT systems. Separately, it is worth mentioning mobile applications - they are considered by Zoho to be among the best in the industry and do not require separate settings. Those. all processes configured in the main (computer) Zoho platform will work identically in mobile applications.

    Zoho One is a practical business package solution. For the price of one CRM, you get not only it, but also 40 additional modules that allow you to integrate the system by launching marketing and financial tools, setting up effective communication channels.

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