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Powerful IT platform for small and medium businesses. 60+ modules allow turnkey automation of your business!

bpm-platform for automation of sales, service and marketing in medium and large businesses

Modular ERP system with flexibilities for company’s workflows automation

A simple CRM with one of the best interfaces. This is an ideal suite for small/medium-sized service business

Convenient CRM with a simple and intuitive interface that can be customized to suit your business needs

A simple and effective CRM system for automating marketing and sales in the B2B segment

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    What are CRM systems?

    The abbreviation CRM is translated from English as customer relationship management. In fact, this is a program for managing business activities, a sales automation tool that simplifies maintaining a customer base, generating reports, and evaluating business performance. CRM systems minimize errors in business processes associated with the human factor. The introduction of software allows you to increase sales, increase the profit of the enterprise.

    What is the purpose of CRM systems?

    Implementation of CRM-systems allows:

    • create a single customer base;
    • record information about all types of interactions with customers (deals, calls, transactions);
    • supervise employees in the workplace;
    • to report on significant performance indicators based on a single database.

    The ultimate goal of CRM integration – automation of workflow, business processes, sales growth.

    What types of CRM systems exist?

    At the heart of the classification of CRM systems – the level of information processing and tasks to be solved. There are such types:

    • operating rooms designed for front office employees. Functionality – automation of marketing, sales, customer services;
    • analytical, designed to monitor the client base, track sales patterns;
    • collaboration. They include communication channels for analyzing customer feedback (call center, website, email);
    • CRM mixed type, representing a combination of the above.

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